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Onyx Capital GP LLC is an Atlanta-based investment firm backed by a group of seasoned entrepreneurs and operators. With deep community roots, we see the value of privately held businesses, their impact on our economy, and local communities. Our focus is to acquire and operate privately-held businesses in the Southeast US.


We are passionate about building businesses, maximizing value, and creating a rewarding culture for employees. The cornerstone of our investment strategy is to take an active, hands-on management role in the business we acquire, one that will create long-term sustainable growth and enhance the capabilities and firepower of the existing team.


I founded Onyx Capital to acquire Atlanta-based businesses from owner-operators who care deeply about the future of the company, its employees, partners, customers, and community.


Selling a business you have invested a large portion of your life in is a big decision. Most owners I meet have spent years, perhaps decades, building a history of success and profitability. But as the owner-operator of these businesses near retirement age, for a variety of reasons, many do not have satisfactory succession plans in place, which places their legacies, employees, and customers at risk. 

Our goal is to provide a succession option for an owner-operator who is actively looking to sell a business to an experienced, committed local buyer who can manage and grow the business, and support their employees and customers.

Our approach is unique in that it offers flexible terms to meet your individual needs and circumstances. It also provides business owners flexibility as to when and how to transition the management of the company.


Nobody knows how to run your business better than you do and it is right to be concerned about who you are selling to. If you decide to sell your business to me it makes sense for us to work together so that I can learn from you and get up to speed quickly. My primary focus is on a smooth transition and maintaining stable operations.


Deepen Patel

Onyx Capital GP


We are looking for a business located in the Southeast

United States


Business Service, Wholesale, Distribution, Manufacturing


We seek companies with stable and growing revenues between $2M - $15M

Track Record

We value recurring customers, strong fundamentals, and minimal cyclicality


Step One

Step Two

Information Exchange and Initial Indication
Confirmatory Due Dilligence
  • Establish seller's goals and objectives
  • Determine transaction fit with Onyx Capital criteria
  • Implement non-disclosure, share key business details
  • Discuss high-level transaction terms
  • Commit resources to business and legal diligence
  • Draft documents and finalize terms
  • Execute sale agreement
  • Plan transaction
  • Deliver closing payment

Seller Perspective

  • Comfort with Onyx Capital's deal process and leadership
  • General alignment on deal points and continuing vision for the business
  • High certainty of close
  • Clarity on transaction details
  • Significant liquidity event
  • Business and employees with a capable steward

Our acquisition process can be divided into two steps.  First, we establish the fit with a seller and discuss high-level deal terms. During the second step, we will commit resources to complete confirmatory diligence and documentation prior to delivering closing consideration to sellers.


Deepen is the founder and Managing Partner of Onyx Capital GP LLC and is responsible for the firm's daily operations. He founded Onyx Capital with the sole objective of locating, investing in, and growing a single privately held company. Upon closing, Deepen will join the company's management team to help drive long-term growth and sustain the organization's legacy into the future. 


Deepen comes from a family of small business owners, including restauranteurs, real-estate developers, manufacturers, and global spice distributors. Through exposure, he became impassioned about entrepreneurship and the value that these enterprises added to their employees, owners, and communities.


Prior to founding Onyx Capital, Deepen was an Associate at Nashville Capital Network, and early-stage healthcare and technology Venture Capital fund.  He started his career at PricewaterhouseCoopers in New York City in the Financial Services Assurance group.  He was also a Strategy Consultant at Downtown Hospitality Group and helped senior executives develop and implement strategic and tactical plans. In addition to running Onyx Capital, Deepen also serves as the CFO of his family's business, Power Brands Hospitality Group.


Deepen graduated with B.S. degrees in Finance and Accounting from the University of Alabama in Huntsville and an MBA from Vanderbilt University's Owen Graduate School of Management.

Deepen Patel
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